Schult Industries

CBA has asked us to partner with them in delivering high-quality poster cases to ICA members, and we’ve proudly accepted. We are honored to offer special pricing in support of membership. Schult Industries has built specialized theatre poster cases and signage for over 25 years.

We can also provide for your entire visual communications package, which includes all poster cases, menu systems, auditorium blade signs, ADA signage, decorative elements, fabric light boxes, and more. Simply put, if it helps you sell, inform, and direct customers, we can help. Please let us work with your designers, architects, and general contractors!

Key Program Benefits:

  • Variety of poster case displays to suit your location’s needs
  • Able to fulfill your complete visual communications package
  • High-quality customer service to assist you with your experience
  • Replacement parts for poster cases, to protect your investment
  • Experienced in working with designers, architects, & GCs

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Schult Products

Visual Communication Packages

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