KBM Screen Cleaning

KBM is committed to providing our partners with quality services that enhance their standing and reputation in the communities they serve. As a partner, we focus on understanding your business needs and model, to provide professional services that exceed your expectations. We work with our partners to understand your business challenges and be ready with solutions to set new standards of excellence.

CBA has asked us to partner with them in delivering high-quality screen cleaning to ICA members, we are honored to offer special pricing in support of your membership. KBM has provided screen cleaning and other janitorial services since 1994.


Key Program Benefits:

  • We can handle all your screen cleaning and masking dusting needs
    • Liquid screen cleaning not just dusting
  • New Lower negotiated prices.
  • Easy scheduling and fast professional service
  • Experienced professionals, having cleaned over 700 screens in 2019
  • Easy new account setup
  • Net 30 Day Terms



For more information on screen cleaning, click on the link below (CBA KBM Screen Cleaning)

KBM Screen Cleaning



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