EclairPlay DCP Delivery Platform and Marketplace

EclairPlay is the leading DCP delivery platform specifically designed for independent exhibitors. With EclairPlay cinemas can access a wide range of first-run independent, specialty film and event cinema content from one easy-to-use website to download Trailer and Feature DCPs, connect to distributors to request bookings, and easily browse among new releases, international film series, alternative content, concerts and classics for programming ideas. We have the leading solution for independents that levels the playing field with large exhibitors when exhibiting specialty content. Only two requirements are necessary for cinemas to participate: 1) DCI Compliant Server and Projector 2) Minimum Internet Download Speed of 10Mbps

Key Program Benefits:

    • The venue can have multiple EclairPlay user accounts – for booth operators, managers and programmers.
    • Feature DCP orders are automatically submitted to distributors for review & approval.
    • Once order is approved, download begins. Users can track progress on ‘My EclairPlay’.
    • When download completes you receive an email receipt that the DCP is ready to ingest.
    • KDMs for encrypted DCPs are issued by email and accessible at your online dashboard.
    • Technical support available 7 days a week at and 1-800-970-9879.
    • Save up to $40 per title/DCP by using EclairPlay delivery instead of physical hard drives.
    • Manage and track DCP downloads from anywhere using a web-connected device.
    • Unlimited access to a wide range of independent, international and event cinema titles.

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